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  1. No profanity (see below).
  2. Posting disturbing images/videos, pornography, or any other insulting media or images on this wiki is not permitted.
  3. Nitpicking or bashing something that you do not like is mostly allowed. The only thing that you can not bash or rant on is the Emojis  
  4. No cyber-bullying will be tolerated. This goes to anyone, and we mean, ANYONE, who is an Emoji detractor (see below).
  5. Please respect opinions, whether they be negative or not (see below). Deleting comments that slightly pan something does not count as respecting someone's opinion.
  6. No vandalism (see below).
  7. No spam
  8. No racism.
  9. Do not impersonate another administrator.
  10. Only change, delete, and edit the pages you created

Make sure to treat all Emoji fans with respect Edit

We must all remember that we must treat each other (and fans of the robot) equally and positively. We will welcome people who have just discovered Emojis, or are not fans of them onto this wiki unless they begin to act up and vandalize something.

Bashing or nitpicking on the Emojis  here, under all circumstances, cannot be done. Doing so is not only insulting to the fans, but can also result in flame wars, cyber-bully attacks, and someone disrespecting each other's opinion. If we have too much of this, we will have no choice but to give the vandals or cyber-bullies involved consequences for their behavior.

We will have no tolerance over any kind of cyber-bullying; it is distracting, irritating, and abysmal for users on this wiki to come across examples of such.

Absolutely no vandalism Edit

This is a wiki centered around a pre-school television show, and it must be noted that vandalism is prohibited under any circumstances here. A person vandalizing an article may cause good users to unexpectedly come across inappropriate material like profane language, spam, and unsuitable references to drugs, death, etc., and can also result in a flame war.

In addition, profanity is not allowed to be added on any article, and if done on someone's blog post, must be either typed in asterisks or censored. Breaking this rule can result in the culprit getting blocked from this wiki.

People who violate the above rules will be blocked

Have a good time and follow the rules above before you begin!

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